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Commercial Refrigeration Repair Reliable Commercial Refrigeration Repair

At Air Concept Solutions we repair, replace, install and help you maintain your walk-in coolers and freezers, ice machines, reach-in coolers and more for the Summerville, Goose Creek and greater Charleston area.  We make sure your refrigeration equipment keeps working and is energy-efficient so you can keep your business running. Our refrigeration technicians have experience with all makes and models and if you are in need of refrigeration upgrade, they can provide you some tips and advice on affordable, quality refrigeration units to help you stay in budget and get the best long-term energy savings.

Commercial Freezer Repair
Our Commercial Refrigeration Services Include:

  • Commercial cooler repair, installation & maintenance
  • Walk-in cooler repair, installation & maintenance
  • Commercial freezer repair, installation & maintenance
  • Walk-in freezer repair, installation & maintenance
  • Commercial ice machine repair, installation & maintenance

Emergency 24/7 Commercial Refrigeration Service

We have been helping Summerville, Goose Creek and Charleston area restaurants stay up and running for over 35 years. With clients like Wendy’s, ….

Common Commercial Refrigerator Problems:

Commercial Cooler Repair

  • Lack of Power
    This can be anything from a blown fuse to problems with wiring, control board failure, phase loss and other reasons. Some electrical problems can progress over time and then one day cause and issue if wiring has not been done correctly up front.  Our techs are trained and certified to take care of all such issues and able to get your system back to work as quickly as possible.
  • Temperature is Not Cold Enough
    Lots of door opening, bad placement for circulation, frost buildup, or broken components can all affect the cooling ability of your unit.  General wear and tear can have an effect on the temperature gauge, gask, compressor or a variety of other possible issues. We can help you get this diagnosed quickly so your system is back to its optimal cold temperature.
  • Cooler Motor Does Not Stop Running
    This can be caused by a lot of things.  You may have a  leak somewhere in your system, dirty condenser coils, problems with the thermostat or evaporator or condenser fan motor issues or a variety of other issues.  Your system is costing you extra money every day when it is running inefficiently so we encourage you to get that addressed soon.
  • Ice in the Cooler Drain Pan
    Clogged drain lines and heater issues  can cause ice to accumulate in your unit’s drain pan. This is something you want to get addressed by a professional as soon as possible before symptoms progress.
  • Freezer Has Ice Build-Up
    If you are getting ice buildup in air vents or evaporator coils there are a variety of reasons this can happen.  Common issues include: low refrigerant, broken door gasket, dirty condenser, drain tube issues, and a variety of other malfunctioning components. Having consistent cooler maintenance can greatly reduce the occurrence of this type of problem.

Refrigeration 101
Refrigeration is a process in which work is done to move heat from one location to another. Refrigeration has many applications including but not limited to; household refrigerators, industrial freezers, cryogenics, air conditioning, and heat pumps. In order to satisfy the Second Law of Thermodynamics, some form of work must be performed to accomplish this. The work is traditionally done by mechanical work but can also be done by magnetism, laser or other means.

History of Refrigeration
The use of ice to refrigerate and thus preserve food goes back to prehistoric times. Through the ages, the seasonal harvesting of snow and ice was a regular practice of most of the ancient cultures: Chinese, Hebrews, Greeks, Romans and Persians. Ice and snow were stored in caves or dugouts lined with straw or other insulating materials. The Persians stored ice in pits called yakhchals. Rationing of the ice allowed the preservation of foods over the warm periods. This practice worked well down through the centuries, with icehouses remaining in use into the twentieth century.

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Air Concept Solutions provides reliable and affordable HVAC and commercial refrigeration repair services to the local Summerville, Goose Creek and greater Charleston, SC area. We have been in business for over 35 years. Give us a call and we’ll get your refrigeration system up and running quickly.

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The EPA is phasing out the use of freon in cooling applications. It is important to know how this affects your system, the costs for your system and any future purchases you may make.