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AC Tune-Up

AC Tune-up

Air Concept Solutions a family-owned business can help your AC systems get ready for the hot South Carolina Summers. There’s nothing better on a hot, humid day than walking into a nice cool home. AC Tune-ups can help ensure that your AC system is working optimally and that you are not wasting money on unnecessary energy costs on a system that is overburdened due to lack of maintenance.

Why should I get an AC Tune-up?

During a normal season of using your AC dust and dirt can collect, moisture and condensation and microbial growth can affect components of your system. This can cause a loss of efficiency in your cooling unit or worse a shortened life for your unit.

  • AC tune-ups help ensure that your system is working optimally and you are getting the full cooling benefit from your unit.
  • An AC tune-up can save you 15 percent on your monthly energy bills.
  • An annual tune-up of your home’s AC system can extend its life by several years.

An AC system that is well cared for can last as long as 15 years or more.

  • The cost of a tune-up is minimal compared to the cost of getting a new unit. Getting regular AC maintenance done can catch potential issues early on before the problems get bigger.
  • Spring is the best time to perform AC maintenance before usage increases during the summer.

What is an AC Tune-up?

Typically, an AC Tune-up will check:

  • Check refrigerant system charging levels.
  • Air-flow, check inside return filters, and evaporator coils.
  • Completing and light or deep cleaning on your inside evaporator coils.
  • Check for refrigerant leaks and signs of oil residue.
  • Check electrical connections and components and make sure all components are connected securely.
  • Check both run and start capacitors.
  • Completing and light or deep cleaning on condenser coils.
  • Flushing primary and secondary drain lines.
  • Replace any damaged or faulty parts and save on a diagnostic fee when done on the AC-tune-up special.

How often should an AC tune-up be done?

Generally speaking, an AC tune-up should be done once or twice a year. For older units, you want to do it twice a year to keep your unit working more effectively as long as possible.

Are AC Tune-ups worth it?

As mentioned above, an AC tune-up can extend the life of your unit by many years if it is done properly and it will help you save as much as 15% on your monthly energy bills. Spring is typically the best time to do AC maintenance before the increased cooling needs start in the summer. This is normally when your ac systems are at their peak. AC tune-up costs are relatively low when one considers the benefits and they are certainly much less than having to replace your AC unit.

How long does an AC tune-up take?

About one hour on average.

What if I don’t do regular AC Tune-ups?

Typically, the mechanical parts of your AC unit will continue to work for a while but the cooling power will be lost and over time the mechanical parts will start to sustain damage. By inspecting periodically your ac systems you can at times catch the failure of a part and repair it before the cost or damage to your system becomes worst.

How do I know if I need to do an AC tune-up?

  • Your energy bills are higher than expected.
  • AC keeps running or turns off and, on a lot.
  • Air flow from your vents does not seem as strong.
  • Your indoor temperature is warmer – i.e., the AC does not seem to be able to keep up with the demand.
  • The humidity in your home is higher than normal.

The best practice is to not wait until you NEED an AC tune-up but to do it regularly so that your system stays working optimally and lasts longer.

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