Crawl Space Encapsulation and Cleaning Solutions for Summerville and the Greater Charleston Area

Crawl Space EncapsulationLet us help you solve your crawl space moisture problems so you can remove musty order and increase the health of your home. Our EPA and Nate certified technicians can help you with any of the following:

  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Crawl space cleaning
  • Crawl space sealing
  • Crawl space moisture issues
  • Crawl space environment issues
  • Duct sweating
  • Dehumidification of your crawl space
  • And other crawl space repairs

Why does my crawl space have so much moisture?

If the air in your crawl space contains water vapor, you have a problem. This is because your crawl space and many of the things that make up the building materials of your home are organic- especially wood (your flooring, sub flooring and beams) and paper (drywall coating, most ceiling tiles, etc). Organic materials can be destroyed by three main sources: water, heat or ultra-violet radiation. Of these three damaging forces, water is really the only one we can control.

Why Remove Moisture From a Crawl Space?

Keeping a dirt crawl space, a vented crawl space, or an unconditioned crawl space of any type under a home in South Carolina is a very bad idea. Crawl spaces in suffer dramatic changes in temperature and relative humidity through the changing seasons. This humidity or water vapor travels from the soil to the crawl space air and from there easily moves into the crawl space itself and upwards into the house environment.

About Crawl Space Moisture, Musty Odor, and Home Healthiness.

Unconditioned crawl space and other damp home environments are unhealthy and destructive. Insects and critters of all kinds will flock there to live and die. As moisture and humidity rise from the ground into the air, heating and cooling costs rise in the home, especially in a vented, dirt crawl space. Rot and decay develop in damp environments as well, and the houses building materials can experience structural damage. To learn more

Dust mites, humidity, odors, and insects create unhealthy environments for people. Many people are allergic and experience a host of symptoms. Often, these people suffer from the ill effects of a crawl space without even realizing that their crawl space is affecting their health. We’ve heard countless stories of how people felt sick in their own home with an unconditioned crawl space, and better when they left. Our crawl space encapsulation system can help correct this problem.

Unmaintained Wall Vented Crawl Spaces

In the Southeast, basement construction is often not possible due to the high water tables and often houses are built over a crawl space. Most earlier crawl spaces have been use traditional foundation vents (also called wall vented). This type of venting system is vulnerable to moisture and can result in structural damage. The vented crawl spaces just cannot do an adequate job, especially when compared to the newer thermal, energy and health needs for housing.

Sealed Crawl Spaces are Maintenance Free

A sealed crawl space is a crawl space that is sealed and insulated from the environment. A sealed crawl space controls for moisture in the air which could otherwise wreak havoc on a space by allowing unwanted  growth of unhealthy elements. A Sealed crawl space is actively controlled unlike a vented crawl space that is affected by environmental conditions. Using sealed crawl space technology, homeowners can be more assured of avoiding the moisture problems common in the Southeast.

Climate Effects in the Southeast

Crawlspace Moisture MapOn the map to the right, the colors reflect different climatic and geographic data which include dew point and topography. Those in the southeast region find the most benefit from a sealed crawl technology that is available today. The ORANGE areas are regions that will experience the most benefit from sealed crawl spaces (as compared to a more typical vented crawl space). Sealed crasl spaces are also strongly recommended for areas covered by the purple portion on the map and . areas in GREEN would benefit from a sealed crawl space as well.

Crawl Space Maintenance Benefits

Sealed crawl Spaces are energy efficient

Sealed crawl spaces can dramatically reduce your energy bill by allowing you to control the temperature and moisture inside your home. Average savings can be as much as 15% a year.

Sealed crawl spaces help protect flooring

Treated crawl space help equalize and reduce the moisture above and below your hardwood floors increases the longevity of your floors.

Sealed crawl spaces prolong structural longevity

Protect the longevity of your house with a sealed crawl space. Properly treated crawl space keep moisture from collecting around the foundation and walls which can cause damage to structures.

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