“We love Air Concepts and their employees…”

“We love Air Concepts and their employees. When we had trouble with our newly built home and the HVAC Contractor our builder recommended was unable to fix the problems., Air Concepts fixed the problem that the others could not. Our home is now cooled and heated evenly—no more cold areas for us in the winter or hot rooms in the summer. We appreciate you Air Concepts! Thanks for making our home livable again.”

“An outstanding family owned business…”

“Air Concept Solutions, LLC. is truly an outstanding Family Owned Business. Mike has conducted over fifteen business calls hassle free for me over the last year, with 100% satisfaction from both Owners and Tenants. His pricing is competitive, customer service is outstanding, with on time service, and dealing directly with the owner makes it all the more easier!!!! I am a customer myself so please don’t hesitate to e-mail me with any questions.”

“They even went beyond their responsibilities…”

“I had Air Concept Solutions re-install a new split system in my house on Edisto Island.  I was completely surprised when I climbed into my attic and saw the installation of the air handler unit. It was very neat, complete and professionally done. They even went beyond their responsibilities and stapled up some loose wiring and other little things in the vicinity of the unit left by other contractors.  The structure under the pan was very impressive.  Everything was left in a neat and clean condition. If it weren’t for the new digital thermostat on the wall, you couldn’t even tell they had been there. I highly recommend this company.”

“Cares about their clients…”

“Dear Air Concept Solutions, llc.

I appreciate all the hard work you did on my unit yesterday, it’s not very often you actually find someone that cares about their clients and their home. I appreciate that and will refer you to everyone I come in contact with just because I am very impressed with your work ethics and of course your work.

Anyway, please set me up for the maintenance plan every 6 months so I do not run into my problem again.

Thanks again.”

“Surpassing expectations…”

“Your technician exceptionally prompt on returning our call on Christmas Eve day, both your office staff as well was your technician was very pleasant. Thank you for all your help on such short notice. You surpassed our expectations, in a time when good customer service seems to be a thing of the past, you proved that it still does exist.”

“Professional Manner…”

“I was pleased with the very professional attitude and work ethic of your company. Phone calls and commitment were all responded to in a timely and professional manner. On a scale of 1 to 10 you received an 11.”

“Eager to help…”

“We wouldn’t consider going anywhere else but Air Concept Solutions, your technician, was very knowledgeable, professional and eager to help us. Thank you for the great customer service.”