A Lesson on Loyalty

Heading to a job on Highway 17 in Summerville, I spotted 2 dogs on the road.  I was surprised to see that no cars were stopping so I pulled over to see what was going on.  When I got closer I realized that one of the dog’s back legs had been seriously injured. I held onto one’s collar to keep him from going back into traffic while I worked to make a call with my other hand to try to reach their owner (from their dog tags).  An off duty policeman saw me and pulled over to help (THANK YOU).  The owner was so happy to see his boys and we got word later that the injured dog is okay.  I think the thing that touched me most was to see how loyal the dog was to his injured buddy.  He didn’t leave his side and kept licking his face as if to reassure the injured dog with a “everything is going to be alright, help is on the way”.  We humans should all have that kind of loyalty and caring for one another and stop to help another fellow human being ( or dog ; ) when we have the chance.  I felt lucky to be part of the picture that day and see such those sweet dogs and I’m so glad they’re okay.