Berkeley Electric and Air Concept Solutions Team Up to Help a Homeowner

Berkeley Electric and Air Concept Solutions Team UpWhile performing a routine energy audit, we head off a potentially dangerous issue. We joined Energy Specialist Josh Laughter with Berkeley Electric to investigate a high electric bill.   The owner of the home was paying around $500 a month during the cold season and Josh deduced there was a possible problem with their HVAC system. We visited the member’s home together to take a closer look and found that the thermostat had been wired incorrectly.

We found melted wires in the air handler and when the HVAC unit was cut on a small fire occurred. Thankfully, we were on-site to see the fire and were able  to extinguish it quickly.  We disconnected the heat strips to prevent further problems. Not only did we fix the thermostat and heat strips but now the member’s bill has dropped from $500 a month to around $100-$150.