Ductless Mini Split

What is a Mini Split? Ductless Mini Splits Overview

 A ductless mini split may the answer to make your system more cost effective

Mini Split is another name for a ductless heating and cooling system that can both be designed for the use of straight air cooling or as a heatpump system that can perform heating and cooling. They are especially desirable for remote rooms and rooms with special HVAC needs in which additional ductwork may not be sufficient or accessible. One example is a finish room over a garage in which some call a (FROG). Ductless Mini Splits are also used when a garage or a porch area become enclosed into a finished living area. Communication or computer rooms can also benefit when it is important and required to maintain lower room temperatures.

Ductless Mini Splits have several advantages and can be used in many applications when cost matters. In the examples giving above, the overall cost for installation is nearly lower in every case. With its wireless thermostat capabilities it gives excellent temperature control. Over the years efficiency of theses units have risen dramatically with the new inverted technology. Mini Split equipment uses minimal amp draw and wattage often exceeding that of a fully ducted system.

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Furnace Maintenance Tip – Furnace Filters

The most important thing you can check yourself is the filter. A dirty filter can cause extra strain on your heating equipment, raise heating costs and shorten the life of your furnace. Make sure your filter has a cover over the slot that returns the air. If the furnace filter does not have a cover over the slot this can be a serious safety hazard.

If your system has pleated filters, these usually can last up to three months. If your filters are permanent, you should try to clean these once a month, especially during high use seasons. Electronic air filters can usually be checked every 2 months.

Remember, your best assurance for the longevity of your heating equipment is to do at least yearly inspections with a heating and cooling professional. Keeping your filters clean is one thing you can do to enhance the operation and life of your system.

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